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Get a free Google Cardboard VR headset

CardboardGoogle Cardboard is a virtual reality headset you can make out of an Amazon shipping box and your Android phone. And although it’s really that simple, it’s a bit difficult to get it right on the first try, second try, etc.

Well fortunately you don’t have to spend $8 with shipping and handling for a piece of cardboard, or slice your fingers up attempting to get it cut out perfectly – the porn industry is doing it for you.

Yes, the porn industry. BaDoink VR is giving away free VR cardboard headsets with the hope that you’ll come back and use their virtual reality premium adult services (and I know there’s a joke in here that I’m missing but it’s Monday).

The Cardboard concept works by dividing the images you see into two distinct images (top and bottom of your phone) and delivering each half to one eye. Accelerometer data, compass, and tilt all go into turning your phone into the VR headset you dreamed about long ago but never thought it would involve a cardboard headset.

If you’re interested enough in saving a couple of bucks or cuts in getting a VR headset up and running, you can head over to and enter your shipping and email address.

You’ll have to provide an email address that you can click “confirm order” from, and although they claim they won’t sell, use, or abuse your email you never know how well any company is really going to be with that. We’ll see.

There are a ton of non-adult oriented apps and videos out there for the Google Cardboard concept, but I guess immersive 3D adult content was the logical place Cardboard would end up. If you miss the 3D experience, this is it, in much less eye-destroying 3D glory.

Alternately, if you don’t feel like chancing it with the porn industry, you can pick up a kit to build them for between $4.10 and $50 (seriously?) at Amazon.

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