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How to better deal with spotty WiFi coverage on the HTC line of phones

Aggressive Wi-Fi to Cellular handoverIf you’re in and around the house much, and listen to streaming music or do anything that requires a data connection where the WiFi may drop out, you may have noticed things like mowing the yard while streaming music turns into what feels like a game of musical chairs – mostly the sitting part.

Android attempts to hang on to that WiFi connection like it was preventing it from drowning. As long as that connection can pass a couple of bytes a minute, it’s going to stay connected. This doesn’t work when you’ve got a brick wall and a hundred feet between you and your router.

There’s a fix though, and it’s Android-based so this really isn’t HTC specific. (However, I know if I write that it’s a fix for every phone I’m going to get pounded by people saying it doesn’t work on their Miyomi-Sekor Lucida 8 HX or some such.)

You’ll need to enable developer options (Settings About > Software information > More > tap on build number something like nine times until it says “Congratulations, you’re a developer.”)

After that, go to Settings > Developer options > look for Aggressive Wi-Fi to Cellular handover, and check it.

While you’ll still have some interruptions when moving out of WiFi range, you shouldn’t have them as bad.

The downside to this is, if you’re on a limited data plan and think you’re on WiFi, you might have suddenly kicked into cellular mode because the OS detected that your WiFi stinks where you’re at. Beware.

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