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Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile released for Android

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

Microsoft Hyperlapse (not to be confused with Instagram Hyperlapse) is a technology to create professional looking fast forward videos without looking jerky. This is great when you’re attempting to compress a 20 minute video to two minutes that you shot while walking where the camera might be all over the place, or as shown in the video below skating after a friend.

The background is stabilized by Hyperlapse filtering, and everything feels like you’re flying a drone or in ghost mode on a platform shooter.

When it works right it feels like you’re watching something shot by someone carrying a steadicam. Accidental jerks to the side or up or down just don’t appear. Watching a 6X walking video doesn’t feel like you’re watching someone having a seizure unable to hold the camera steady.

In short, it’s a pretty awesome bit of smoothing technology.

It requires Android 4.4+ and a bit of patience, depending on how fast your storage and processor is. There’s also Hyperlapse for Windows if you want to simply offload to your computer and let it do the heavy lifting, but that’s cheating in a mobile world.

Above: 6ish minute video hyperlapsed to 1.5

While my video of the car fast forwarding isn’t an ideal showcase for the technology as the camera was mounted, that’s what I had handy without having to go for a 20 minute walk in 90 degree temperatures when I’m feeling non-extreme.

Microsoft Hyperlapse for Mobile is free and available for download at Google Play.

Download: Google Play

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