T-Mobile Uncarrier Amped, part 2: “Mobile without Borders”

simple choice north america

Early this morning, T-Mobile execs took to Twitter and Periscope, and hopped on a conference call, all at once to announce the next phase of its new Uncarrier Amped initiative: “Mobile without Borders.” Uncarrier Amped is T-Mobile’s fancy marketing term for reconsidering many of its previous Uncarrier moves, and somehow making them better.

Today, CEO John Legere said that T-Mobile is rethinking its very first Uncarrier move, the introduction of the Simple Choice plans.  Starting on July 15, the carrier will make new plans available, which it is calling Simple Choice North America. (The old Simple Choice plans will be unavailable after July 14.) Simple Choice North America will feature identical pricing and features, including data buckets, as the old Simple Choice plans, with one key difference: customers on the newer plans will be able to call and text to and from Canada and Mexico at no additional charge. They’ll also be able to access high speed LTE data, at whatever maximum speeds the networks are capable of, in both Canada and Mexico, again at no additional charge. The data used will simply come out of customers’ data buckets as if they were in the States.

Legere says this isn’t like traditional roaming. Instead, it’s more akin to Canadian and Mexican networks now acting just like T-Mobile’s home network. That’s pretty nice.

Granted, it’s not all sunshine and roses – I’ll be posting my own critique of this new plan soon. In the meantime, let me know: Will any of you benefit from Simple Choice North America?

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