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Flash facing Infinite Crisis on September 1

Black FlashIt’s no secret that Flash on the internet is like some sort of comic book zombie these days, used to deliver games your parents played, porn site pop-ups, and a new exploit coming along for it every other week that requires the very-long-dead Flash to get yet another update from Adobe, who already pronounced it dead.

The Black Flash is coming for it, at least as of September 1, 2015 on Chrome. While Flash won’t die outright, Chrome won’t let it run without you explicitly telling it to.

It’ll be very much as though you were some sort of speedster watching as these ads from the Golden Age of the internet move in ultra slow motion.

Companies who have Flash ads through Google Adsense will find their advertising miraculously updated to HTML5, which is more like the Barry Allen Flash of web delivery compared to the existing Jay Garrick. So if you advertise with the Google, they’ll help you survive their decisions.

OK, I’m done with the comic book nerdom… you can still lower your security and allow the old Flash ads through, or view something in Internet Explorer or Edge, but the question becomes why would you? Anything that’s not spammy these days is generally done in HTML5, Adobe abandoned Flash back in 2011 and only keeps releasing updates to provide support they promised.

If you’re still working with Flash, man, it’s time to quit.

The fate of some Flash-based internet standards from two decades ago like remains to be seen, but at least with the only limit is yourself.

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