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Sprint launches “best plan for families” – except it’s not

SprintLate last month, Sprint announced that it was introducing the “best plan for families,” supposedly saving families hundreds annually over AT&T and Verizon and offering more than double the monthly high speed data of T-Mobile’s family plan. And at first glance, Sprint’s new Family Share plan seems pretty nice:

Families who switch to Sprint right now can get four lines of unlimited talk and text, and 10GB of high speed data to share while on the Sprint network (this works out to 2.5GB per line, but keep in mind that it’s shared). For $20 extra, families can add 30GB of data to their pool, so they’ll get 40GB total (10GB per line, again shared).

While this plan is admittedly much better than anything AT&T or Verizon could offer, what Sprint fails to mention (and deceptively so) is that T-Mobile currently has a promotional family plan that gives each line up to 10GB of high speed data, which users don’t have to share. At the $100 level, T-Mobile gives users two lines with 10GB of data each (20GB total). That’s two lines less than Sprint, but 10GB total data more — that is far from Sprint’s claims that it offers more than double the data.

Four lines can get in on this plan at T-Mobile for $120, too, and each additional line that you add to T-Mobile’s plan costs only $20 and provides 10GB more high speed data. Far from being more than double the monthly high speed data of T-Mobile’s family plan, T-Mobile actually matches Sprint at the $120 level – and depending on whether or not you prefer shared data, T-Mobile might even beat Sprint.

It’s true that T-Mobile’s normal rates are $100 for four lines at 1GB each. But most customers with multiple lines aren’t selecting T-Mobile’s normal rates – most are selecting from T-Mobile’s promotional offerings, and for good reason. Sprint also fails to mention that it charges overages if someone in the family eats up all your data – T-Mobile will slow your data down, but never charge you more unless you specifically request more data.

Nice try, Sprint, but deception never won anyone brownie points in my book.

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