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T-Mobile is officially the fastest mobile network in the US, at least according to Ookla

Speedtest rankings

Ookla, maker of the incredibly popular Speedtest app and owner of, has released its 2015 rankings of America’s fastest ISPs and mobile networks, and guess what – T-Mobile is number one.

With average download speeds of 19.62Mbps and upload speeds of 9.90Mbps, T-Mobile has beat out Verizon (18.52Mbps / 7.27Mbps), AT&T (14.61Mbps / 6.04Mbps) , and Sprint (10.44Mbps / 4.12Mbps). With wideband LTE now available in 185 markets across the US, Ookla says that T-Mobile is strongest in the urban Northwest and in Western cities.

So how does Ookla come up with these results?

Well, the website and mobile app get over 5 million speed tests each day from all sorts of users in all kinds of different locations, and the results are aggregated by averaging each user’s and each device’s tests in a given location everyday. This methodology reduces inaccuracy that is sometimes the result of things like repeated tests that attempt to skew the results. Additionally, Ookla only includes results from when users are connected to LTE networks – it wouldn’t quite be fair or accurate to include the results of customers who use older, non-LTE devices.

Many people also put more stock in Ooka’s results than, say, Rootmetrics, which receives funding from certain ISPs and cell phone providers and does not include user-uploaded results.

To explore the results of Ookla’s study in greater detail, and see how your city and state compares, check out the source link below.

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