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WinnerGear MicFlip reversible MicroUSB cable review

It’s 3 a.m., you’ve been woken up for the umpteenth time by a screaming newborn demanding directions to Denny’s and have to once again whip out your baby tracker app, enter in how many ounces you fed or diapers you changed, and then attempt to get some sleep. You’ll need to plug your phone back in in the dark by feel alone as exhaustion overcomes you. Good luck with that.

WinnerGear MicFlip fully reversible MicroUSB cableThis may be highly specific to my circumstances, but dealing with a lot of Micro-USB devices and a lot of states of exhaustion I find that the USB law that states until a USB plug is observed, you’ll plug it in incorrectly, applies evenly with MicroUSB. Not so with the MicFlip – it’ll plug in either direction and fit snugly.

Wait, you may be wondering, will this work for data, fast charging, whipping of cats? Yes, emphatically yes on two of those three. It syncs with no issue, and using a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 fast charger I was able to fast charge with the Micro-USB plug oriented in either direction.

WinnerGear MicFlip fully reversible MicroUSB cableWinnerGear MicFlip fully reversible MicroUSB cableWinnerGear MicFlip fully reversible MicroUSB cableWinnerGear MicFlip fully reversible MicroUSB cable

Fast charge was verified both by the light being in fast charge mode, and Battery Monitor Widget claiming I was getting about +2200mA either direction.

MicFlip isn’t particularly cheap at the moment coming in at $20 to pre-order a three-foot semi-armored cable, but that’s how things generally are after first release so probably once it hits Amazon it’ll get down there.

You can pre-order the MicFlip reversible USB cable from Winnergear for $19.99 in your choice of red/gold, silver, or black, and at other lengths although all appear to be the same price.

Product launch is September 20th, and from what I can tell over this weekend might save you some repair dollars spent fixing your phone’s USB port from jamming in a charger cable at 4am

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