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First Row Network Utilities give rooted users tools

First Row Network UtilitiesFirst Row Network Utilities at its core is a root tool that allows you to find out what’s on your network, and then mess with it.

The range of features includes a port scanner, ARP cache viewers, simple ping and tracert, a browser where you can modify cookie data and user agent, an HTTP and packet sniffer, and spoofers for ARP & DNS.

Among the tools are things to inject Javascript, send fake pages, images, file intercepts, and all the misc hacky things you might want to do on a network.

One of the more interesting things it includes is a DOS attack, allowing you to do a few different styles. I discovered my computer could be slowed down to a crawl with a simple ICMP flood, although it’s set up so that it’s really difficult for me to play with any code injection unless I want to undo my network security.

Overall it’s a fun learning tool if you want to test for network security, play a hacker, or just see how insecure a network is that you’re on.

Of course, tools like these can be used for great evil, so don’t use them for that. They’re great for messing with neighbors who are on your WiFi, or seeing if your setup is vulnerable to ARP poisoning.

First Row Network UtilitiesFirst Row Network UtilitiesFirst Row Network Utilities2015-09-28 20.18.37

First Row Network Utilities is free, requires a rooted phone, and claims there are in-app purchases but as yet I can find no option to pay for anything.

Download: Google Play

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