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Google announcements include new Chromecasts, Nexus devices

Just a quick little overview of some of the announcements from Google today

The Nexus 6P

There’s a couple of new Nexus phones coming out, one is the Nexus 6P, and it seems to be incorporating HTC’s UltraPixel technology along with USB type-C and a 3450mAh battery. It’s also a giant metal phone like the HTC flagships and presumably won’t do Qi charging.

As with HTC’s failed fat pixel cameras, the resolution is a little on the lower end of the spectrum these days, but still clocks in at about 4x what an HTC One M8 could do and has a 12.3mp camera. It also comes with a fingerprint scanner so that criminals will now have to take a finger as well as your phone.

There’s also the Nexus 5x, which is LG & Google’s reimagined Nexus 5.

Chromecast(s) are here

Chromecast 2Most of the rumors were true. The Chromecast app will eventually be a hub for everything you want to stream now, better WiFi, presumably 4k support, and an audio-only Chromecast for audiophiles.

My guess is the bent over loop is the HDMI line just folded. The new design looks like you can fit this where Chromecasts used to have problems. We’ll see.


Google Play Music now has a family subscription for up to six people at $15 a month.

Google Photos  getting shared albums, people labeling, album subscriptions, and Chromecast support.

The Pixel C will be coming out and instead of running Chromium they’re running Android.

Apps will be able to tie into Google Now voice actions.

Lifehacker has more details on today’s Google announcements

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