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I’m starting the EVO project, could use your help

roottoolsThe king is dead, long live the king. The HTC EVOs have passed into that great obsolescence horizon, but being built like a brick shithouse there are still thousands of them in operation. Same goes for the 3D and the 4G LTE, etc.

A lot of them need an RUU to go back to stock, or perhaps people have decided they want to try rooting phones they no longer use and see what the dark side is all about, but I’m finding there are very few repositories of old EVO info and files, just lots of dead links and ancient outdated methods that didn’t work when I started rooting.

Developers placed their files on free hosting servers that then collapsed, or on Megaupload which evidently got seized, which along with tons of pirated info also took out radios and RUUs and ROMs of all types for various devices.

I discovered when attempting to give a friend of mine an EVO 4G stock for an emergency phone that I was unable to restore to stock just as there were no working download links.

So what I want to do is the following – get some root applications, ROMs, RUUs, patches, whatever made root life on the EVO 4G, EVO 3D, 4G LTE, etc great, and put them up in a torrent cloud with magnet links posted here, as well as host them.

There’s next to no action on the oldest of the EVOs, but I found recently I couldn’t even locate a download link that worked for them and I’m several hard drives since I rooted my last EVO. There are also tools out there that disappeared for one reason or another. As long as the authors have no issue with them being redistributed I’d like them as well.

Anyway, if you want to help with a repository of EVO, and have anything saved, I will probably make one final State of Root articles for the EVO line with magnet/download links that all work.

Maybe if we can get some of the older devices once again rooted we’ll have a new wave of obsolete devices becoming useful again. Or maybe I’ll just be able to return all my old stuff to stock again.

Drop a line in the comments if you’ve got root tools, stock ROMs, S-OFF tools, etc. Or if someone’s already done this and I can move on to another project, just point me to where it is.


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