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Save some juice with Craig’s Battery Saver ROOT

Craig's Battery Saver RootCraig’s Battery Saver ROOT is yet another root application that helps you save some battery, but it seems to do the trick and works combined with others for greater savings.

The premise is pretty simple – when the screen goes off you don’t need anything but notifications. GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth get disabled, you’ll still receive push notifications via carrier connection, but that’s about it.

When the screen comes back on it fires the connections back up, and you’re back in business.

While apps running in the background can drain juice, usually these apps are draining battery more by transmitting and receiving data than by pounding the CPU. Other battery saver apps that put these apps to sleep work, but they work by wrangling the app instead of the connection.

In this, it’s much like I discovered back in the EVO 4G days – turn off all the connections and you can run your phone on one charge for about 48 days as long as you’re only turning the screen on occasionally to look at the battery stats.

I tried to get a nice screenshot of battery drain during testing this. It’s a flat line when the screen is off using Craig’s Root Battery Saver, and a slightly less flat line without.

Will it double your battery life? Technically possibly. Probably not. All depends on whether you’re burning through your battery because you’re using it, or you’re burning through your battery because an app is using it, and whether you want to hobble that app.

Whatever the case, it’s pretty neat.

For me, I had to skip it because I do use things that need WiFi and GPS access while the screen is off. Using the battery saver I’d have to turn my screen on when I got near home for the home automation/welcome thing I’m working on to work.

It’s a method of battery saving, it may work for you, it may not. Try it and see.

Download: Google Play

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