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UNIFUN IP66 10400mAh power bank flashlight review

UNIFUN has an IP66 (waterproof, dustproof) anti-shock, 10400mAh power bank and flashlight aimed at the outdoor adventuring crowd.

I didn’t have a chance to go outdoor adventuring to test this, so I handed it to a two year old and let her play with it to see whether she could damage it. The answer was that she could not break it, even though it looks like kind of cheap plastic, it doesn’t squish or feel like it. Looks maybe are a bit deceiving.

UNIFUN 10400mAh Power BankA couple of drops onto the pavement failed to break the thing either. Submerging it in water (no, not with the two year old,) didn’t let any water into the open areas. All in all it seemed to do what it was designed for.

The charging is ok. There’re two USB-out ports coming in at 2.1amps and 1amp. It’s good for charging a couple of phones, but nothing to write home about in terms of speeds. Lack of QQC2.0 means you’ll be tethered to the battery pack longer, but chances are if you’re out and about this is stowed in a backpack with your device you’re wanting to charge.

I’ll point out before we get too far into this that somehow I’ve lost the contents of the photo shoot I did with this. I’d love to claim the photos are mine, but they’re the manufacturer’s.

UNIFUN 10400mAh Power Bank
Like seriously, I wish this were a photo of mine. I wish I could find my photos.

There are anti-skid mechanisms built into this product, I’m not sure what I expected from them but I didn’t quite get it. The nubs just didn’t seem to catch much more than my jean pocket. Probably different surfaces than I tested (brick, car, toddler,) are what it’s designed for.

The flashlight is ok. I don’t know how many lumens it is, but it works. Nothing particularly impressive about it. I wouldn’t consider it much of an addition to the power bank. It’s not what I’d want out camping or just outdoors. Good as an emergency light, but that’s about it. Not a replacement for a real flashlight.

The on/off switch is a little difficult to find if your hands are cold. You need to be able to see where you’re pressing to turn on the light, which might be problematic if you need the light turned on in the first place.

You’ll also need some finger dexterity to pop the rubber cover off of the USB ports that keeps them dry when submerged. Also might be an issue if you’re out in the woods and cold, a situation in which this is aimed at.

It claims to support pass through charging and a full 1000 recharges before expiring. I didn’t test that second part out as that would take me about four years.

Lack of a storage location for a USB cable, or built in cables, means you’re going to be keeping up with more things. Built in cables would have made this quite a bit more attractive.

10400mAh means you’re going to get about 8320mAh worth of charging (phones you generally expect to get 80% of the juice) so it should charge the average flagship phone about four times with no issues, maybe more than that.

Overall at the price, it’s pretty good. It’s not got the flashlight I want. It looks good on paper, but how it works for you will be entirely based on how you’re going to use it.

The UNIFUN 10400mAh Power Bank is available from Amazon for $19.99

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