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Update on the site fixes/move/future, gmail change and rigging

Unsubscribe email option in gmailThere are a couple of reasons there’s nothing new up today – the first is the site has been copied to a new server and we’re testing it out a bit, and the second is that I’m in an antihistamine induced haze and have little to offer the world other than “man, I can taste Fall right now”.

Basically what I’ve been attempting to get done for the past two years looks to be about to start. Eh, who knows. We’ll see what happens. Right now it appears to be an exact copy of the site, meaning that I still can’t do what’s required.

I’m hoping that by next week there will be something positive to report – a site that we can edit properly, maybe other issues resolved that can bring back people who aren’t a boring old dude writing root articles and gadget reviews. One thing at a time though.

CES2016 is coming up and it looks as if I’ve got a place to stay for free… which means it’s not going to be the financial hit it usually is. Not that you get a whole lot from my trips there, but I generally figure out what’s coming up and make some connections which have resulted in some positive things on the site.

The EVO project I mentioned is going forward when we’re on the new server. OK, it’s going forward when I am not on antihistamines as I really am a bit flippin out of it.

Some random story from Paul’s work

As I don’t have any particularly interesting things Android wise to talk about, figured I’d end with a solution I had to help rig up today.

Building I work in rents space out, one of the tenants has a highly tricked out vehicle that’s part of their business parked in the lot. A while back it got stripped, and now their solution is to put in a WiFi camera. Problem is there is no internet connection for 400 or so feet and it’s a WiFi wasteland back there. Think of a Faraday cage, a semi, then throw in one of those cash machines that blows fake dollar bills up that you have to grab, and you’ve got the gist of the problem.

There is, however, power to the place where the tricked out vehicle resides, and power to the other side of the wall it’s on, which after realizing we couldn’t do anything easily, we connected some Netgear Powerline 1200s and managed to get a WiFi hotspot on the other site of a brick wall, which seems to be enough.

They have power running into the vehicle, which will power the camera, and bam. Unfortunately the power going into the vehicle goes through a conditioner which knocks the Powerlines offline, or this would be a less rigged up solution.

Basically it’s a rigged up job using equipment we had on hand. Not the best, but it will do until an actual security camera gets placed.

Gmail seems to have a new option

May not be news, but I noticed that there’s an unsubscribe option showing in my gmail these days after that latt update or two.

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