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YouTube Red launches today

YouTube Red

YouTube Red, the new streaming service that allows you to stream or download and play videos offline, ad-free, or in the background, launches today.

Subscribers to Google Play Music will get free access to YouTube Red and vice-versa. There’s also a gaming app listed which you’ll have access to, but they didn’t really include anything about that in their press release.

For those of you who previously had to use ssyoutube (a site where you slap an SS in front of whatever you’re viewing on YouTube and it takes you to a third party save site,) to grab your toddler videos for offline play, looks like that’s going to be a thing of the past for YouTube Red subscribers.

One of the great things about Red is that you’ll be able to turn your screen off, or go to another app, and keep listening. This is something that’s irked me quite a bit when watching some of my favorite talking heads on YouTube. I want to hear what they’re saying, I have no need to watch their mouths move to enhance the experience. I can now start playing, and continue on with my game of Trivia Crack or Words With Friends.

YouTube Red is ad-free, and your subscription dollars go toward paying content creators rather than the pennies they get for yet another ad for Campbell’s Soup. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s a more lucrative model or less whenever it gets rolling around.

YouTube Red has a one month free trial. after that it’s $9.99 a month for it and the various other services Google will be bundling with it.

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