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A look back at TSF Launcher

TSF LauncherA long time ago in a website somewhat similar to this one we took a look at TSF Shell, a nearly $17 application that served as a replacement Android launcher and brought about what at the time was a lot of then unheard of features.

With over three years passed by, custom launchers faded out of my vocabulary, I decided I was getting a bit tired of the generic Android launchers and since I’d already plunked down the $16.80 might as well see if it survived the leap through three years of Android versions.

I’m pleased to say it has, is now free, is now named TSF Launcher, and works a lot smoother than it used to.

Whether that’s due to better coding or just because in 2012 I was running a dual processor HTC EVO 3D with a gig of ram (really thought it was 512, but spec sheet says it,) and my eight core HTC One M9 with three gigs of ram just smokes it.

Of course the lasso and multi-selection is still there. I discovered though that even as a power user those came in a lot less handy than I would have anticipated them being. Once you get things like you want them, there’s not a lot of multi-icon selecting.

TSF LauncherTSF Launcher

Newly added items still catch fire to get your attention, and there are a lot more tweaks and features added although one feature seems to have been disabled, that being to rotate icons (at least it’s not working for me.) I’m betting that was lost somewhere on the road to Android 6.

TSF LauncherTSF Launcher

There are so many things you can do with this launcher it’s unreal. You can check out a hoary host of the features from our old article, or since it’s free, just download it and try it out yourself. You can always uninstall it if it doesn’t make your phone 100% more enjoyable.

Download: Google Play

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