Giveaway time: 10 1byone iPhone 6/6S battery cases

1byone iPhone 6/6s battery caseHey all, we’ve got a giveaway from the company that gave us a really neat car jump starter.  We’ll run it as a 10ish day contest and see how well it works.

Today’s contest prize is winning one of ten 1byone iPhone 6 battery cases. MSRP $89.99, or on Amazon for $42.99.

These cases hold a 3100mAh rechargeable battery and can effectively double the runtime of an average iPhone 6.

I’m not making any claims about the case as I haven’t got one to test, reviews seem mostly positive with a couple of negative ones, meh, it’s a contest, it’s free.

So, here’s how this contest works.

To enter

comment below with something indicating you’re in. You can enter once each day by commenting, and it’s ok to comment on other people’s comments, but realize you’re only getting one additional entry per day.

1byone 7 color rainbow frames

Bonus entry

Someone else enters, mentions your name with “yourname sent me” – yes, this is a contest in which referring a friend actually helps your chances rather than diminishes them.

Make me laugh and there may be another bonus.

All that data harvesting we’re going to do

1byone battery caseNone that I know of. At the end of the contest I’m going to take every email listed that’s a valid entry, print it up, and throw a dart at the paper to choose winners. The absolute only thing you’ll need to do if you’re worried about me using your info is create a fake email address for the contest and set it as your disqus reply-to for the duration of the contest.

I have no experience with disposable email address services, so you’re on your own on that one.

Oh yeah, I’ll need your email address because I’m going to email you if you won.

Announcement of winners

The contest will run from now until November 18th, 2015. As long as nothing’s wrong with Pocketables that day and I’m not out sick or something the winners will be announced in an upcoming post.

How you get this prize

1byone is sending me 10 codes for a free case. There’ll be 10 codes emailed, I’ll assign each code to a winner, and I’ll email you that code. You will then go to Amazon and purchase the item, enter the code, and the price should drop to zero.

The only thing I’ll have is your screen name and an email address.

As a note, they said they’re sending me Amazon codes. I do not know if this works for Amazon sites other than (eg so you may need to be in the US to win this. There’s nothing preventing you from giving your code to someone else though.

Important entry instruction

Make sure your Disqus email address (whether real or fake,) will work. I’ll try and get in touch with you if messages bounce, but after a couple of days we’ll choose another winner.


In the event of a problem getting the codes from 1byone, or them working, I don’t know. We’ll deal with that when that chicken explodes.

Wrap up

Comment below, invite a friend, tell them to mention your name, tell them to invite friends, etc etc etc. The more people who mention your name the more chances you can win.

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