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Giveaway Time #2: one of five 1byone Bluetooth Sport Headphones

1byone Bluetooth Sport EarphonesOK gang, who is ready for round two? We have another giveaway from 1byone that we’re running a contest for, this time it’s for a chance to win one of five 1byone Bluetooth Sport Earphones.

I’ll be getting a pair in the next few days and we’ll have a review sometime while the contest is going on.

The 1byone Bluetooth Sport Earphones are currently priced at $42.99, and if reviews are to be believed they’re pretty good.

They bear a resemblance to my favorite sport earbuds of all time, so I’m quite interested to try them.

What you can win: 1byone Bluetooth Sport Earphones Amazon code

An Amazon code good for the purchase of one set of headphones as sold by the retailer 1byone. I word this like this as yesterday’s contest winners found out other retailers on Amazon the codes don’t work for.

How’s the contest work?

1byone Bluetooth Sports EarphonesThis is a different one than we’ve done before. As I need traffic and people posting to make sponsors/advertisers/people who give away stuff interested in doing giveaways, we’re running this until we have 100 entries or December 10th, whichever comes first.

You get one entry for commenting below. You can only get one entry by yourself. You’re welcome to check back and try and earn extra entries when we play some to be announced games in the comments section.

You get one additional entry for getting a friend to come and comment and mention your name. In this game it pays to beg your friends to enter and mention your name. As long as you’ve got a billion friends, your chances of winning are almost assured.

What does Pocketables do with the entry data?

Nothing. I get your email address, which you’re welcome to provide a temporary one to Disqus, and if you win I email you. You can change your email on Disqus to a fake-but-working temp email, post here, and change it a couple of hours later to your real one. I won’t know.

Disqus data gets synced about once every few minutes into our WordPress database, so if you change post-sync I’ll only have the fake one.

How does this help anyone

1byone gets exposure/advertising. Pocketables gets comments, traffic, and hopefully some new readers. Comments are better for a website than hits when it comes down to it in terms of SEO/sustainability, even if they’re “I’m here, give me a prize!”

Did I mention enough last month that we’re fighting for our lives? :)

What is the actual prize

An Amazon code which may be United States only that will enable you to purchase this from Amazon. Six of the ten winners of the last contest have checked in and said the code works.

If you’re not in the US and get the code and it doesn’t work for you, you can sell it to someone in the US I guess.

Covering my rear end

Just to cover my butt, the codes are being provided by 1byone. They provided codes that worked for the last contest. I’ll assume in good faith that they’re going to come through again. Should they fall through, well, let’s hope they don’t. I’ll make it up to you somehow though if they do.

When you win

There will be a new post on Pocketables that says here are the winners. I’ll also come to this thread and post that entries are closed, and comment on the winners telling them they have won. You’ll get an email from paul at and it should contain the code.

Your name will be posted as one of the winners.


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