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HTC one day sale offering up to 30% discounts

HTC Deals Nov 10 2015HTC’s Hot Deal Tuesday offer today is a sliding discount of up to 30% based on how much you purchase.

The tiers are 15% off of purchases over $200, 20% off if you spend $500, and 30% off is you spend $650.

If you log in and are looking for a phone you should note that they’re $649, so you’ll need to purchase something in addition if you want to reach the over $649 mark, and for that your options are either another cell phone, an HTC RE camera at $199 (which are reporting Out of Stock,) or an HTC Nexus 9 for $399-599.

I may be missing some combo, but it appears to hit close to that $650 mark your best bet is at $678 by purchasing an One A9 and a Desire 626 for $678. Anything else is under budget or $150 over the threshold. You’re going to spend at least $28 to save an additional $65, which is a decent deal but you quickly can tip out of the good deal range and into “I want to win the discount game”.

To give a quick list, maybe you can find some combo my uncaffeinated brain can’t:

HTC Phones

  • One A9 $499
  • One M9 $649
  • Desire 626 $179
  • Desire EYE $459
  • One M8 $649 (really?)
  • One M8 for Windows $649 (really?!?)
  • One M8 H/K edition $649
  • One E8 $649
  • One remix $399

Other older devices are listed with no price and no purchase links.

HTC Tablets

  • Nexus 9 $399-$599

HTC Cameras

  • HTC RE $199 (out of stock, no back order)

HTC cardboard box on your face

  • Not released yet
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