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Inateck 3-Port USB Car Charger with built-in MFi Lightning Cable review

Inateck has a 33 watt two-port USB + lightning cable car charging option for those who have a lot of devices to charge in a car. They call it a three port, I’m fairly certain the definition of port requires it to be called a two port one plug, however I’m being pedantic.

[Apple Certified] Inateck 33W 3-Port USB Car Charger (2.1A USB Port x 2 + 2.4A Built in Lightning Cable) with Intelligent Charging Technology for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S6, Included a 1.2m/ 4ft Micro USB Cable - BlackBefore we go too much further, I had most of this review written up in August with pictures, and ready to publish but they ran out of stock. Now post server move I can’t locate the pictures, and the unit is in a friend’s truck in Henderslovokia, so I’m not getting any new images soon. Sorry for the stock photography.

The Inateck 3-port adapter has a three foot lightning cable attached capable of delivering 2.4amps and two standard USB ports capable of delivering 2.1amps each. If I did the math right, 33 watts should be more than enough to power all three power directions fully at full draw.

The charger does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, so your newer Qualcomm devices will just charge at regular speeds, which are still pretty impressive.

While I don’t still have the unit in hand, my notes and memory indicate it was pretty solid and included a micro USB cable in the event that you wanted to charge a non-Apple device as well.

I’m not sure what I feel about a hybrid MFi Lightning/standard USB, but it delivered on everything I expected it to do and came in at a decent price for anything with “[Apple Certified] MFi Lightning” in the title.

I called, it’s still going strong.

The Inateck 3-Port USB Car Charger with built-in MFi Lightning Cable is available from Amazon for $19.99

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