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OMZGOD the mobile version is the terribles!!!!

Pocketables Mobile ThemeSo, you may be seeing the mobile version of the site Pocketables and you may hate it. If you do, there’s no need to fear, you don’t have to look at it, and no, I’m not dismissing you, I’m just saying you can instantly switch back to the regular mode with one click.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, you’ll see an option that says desktop mode. Click it and you don’t have to deal with the very scaled down mobile theme.

If you’re on Chrome, after you click it you may see the same page. Just go to the address bar and press enter and you should be on the normal non-mobile friendly page. If you’re not, drop us a line.

Why do you have a “mobile” theme?

The reasoning behind the mobile theme at the moment is that Google has been progressively de-indexing sites that aren’t mobile friendly. Pocketables, a site about mobile devices, has not been mobile friendly for several years.

This generally hasn’t been a *huge* issue because the devices we write about are more than capable of reading it, but you know, you’ve got to do what gets traffic or suddenly you get the call that the site’s tanked and there’s no money to pay anyone.

The non-mobile friendliness combined with the loss of and four years of broken links pointing to G&E that we were unable to edit have left the site a veritible wasteland of broken link content.

We just got control to do some changes yesterday. This is one of them. This particular scaled down theme is not permanent, but it’s something I need to get in place in order to get Google to stop discarding all our content because the site appears to suck very very badly.


I don’t claim to be a WordPress master, however I’m what we have at the moment… actually I’m all we have at the moment. If you are a WordPress master and want to suggest a theme that’s responsive and captures the feel of the current non-mobile site, feel free.

I have very little ego in how the site looks. My goals right now are to attempt to not be on the Google black hole of lost links and sites that used to rock.

I don’t know how to describe the downfall of traffic that has come to this site other than to say during this whole server death spiral we’ve been on for three years I’ve watched as every opportunity we had passed by or was put on a ticket.

Secondary goal is to attempt get content back up and running which is hard when the backend people have done a few actions that result in leaving the site to sink or swim in the hands of one person.

So, if you like want to work for free or have anything you’re wanting to promote, seriously, drop me a line. I’d like to get us back on track and there are some of you with some brilliant insights I’m sure.

And stuff will still be broken

I’m concentrating on cleaning up the broken images and links today. The site is going to be somewhat broken. If you see anything straight busted with it please notify me in this thread, I’d appreciate it. With the way my Pocketables mail works it could be a couple of hours before I notice it.

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