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Questions currently on my plate

There are some things I’m working on, here are some I’m trying to find answers to so I can either know them, or write an article about them. Maybe you can help out. these aren’t fully researched, so there may be a lot of answers out there I’ve missed.

What’s it cost?

How Much

As part of reviewing things, I purchase a lot of items. Sometimes it may be a few before I get around to giving them a proper write-up. As such I often find myself at a loss for what the item costs at the time I’m writing the article.

Currently in order to see prices I have to pop open a web browser that isn’t signed into my account and load the page, which is doable, but I’ve been asked a lot of times to recommend something while I’m out and about. Sure I can open up the Play Store in incognito mode, type it in, but there should be a way to do this without leaving my account.

Root a Kindle Fire Kids edition

Amazon Fire Kids EditionSomething that the incident with Maggie’s Kindle Fire Kids Edition taught me is that Amazon’s Freetime can become corrupted. As you require root to back up things like I’d like (local to my network, while charging, daily, 5 or 6 snapshots taken,) it would be nice to have.

Thus far have had Kingroot suggested, it didn’t work, and have found several guides that failed and plenty of unhelpful comments about checking out how someone rooted a different device several months ago that runs a different OS.

So yeah, if you know how to root one, let me know.

Force an OTA update to process on a rooted device

So, we’re rooted, we have custom ROMs and firmware, and there’s a minor OTA that’s downloaded. I’d like to apply it. It seems at this point there would be some way to modify the OTA via app and install in custom recovery by removing a check here or there.

I mean, we have the OTA sitting there as a downloaded zip somewhere, why not unpack it, remove checking, and apply it automatically?

Lie to Android Pay

You can install it, you can add cards by disabling root, but there’s no way to use it that I know of on a rooted device. I’ve got mine loaded and it says it’s fine, but when I go to pay it claims there’s an issue.

All I can find are things pointing to a Google dev coming to XDA and saying it just ain’t gonna work on rooted devices. Someone’s got to have modded the thing by now haven’t they?

A way to transfer your licenses and media

I had this with my employer. His Apple account and his daughters were pretty much the same thing. She’s got her own account now. There’s no way to separate or pass down the license. Sure, media’s easy to export, burn, and import, but what happens when you’ve got thousands of dollars of purchases and the person you’ve bought them for is leaving?

This seems to be a problem with Apple and Google, no way to separate data. What does one do when one has an ex with all the media? Do people sue for the rights to the account it was purchased under?

Use certain features with Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business prevents syncThere’s a feature in Google Keyboard called Google Keyboard Sync. It doesn’t work with a Google Apps for Business account.

Here’s the thing though – the only reason I have a Google Apps for Business account on the phone is so I can check my email via Gmail.

There are no domain restrictions to how I can use my phone when connected, the whole thing could probably be done away with if I wanted to use POP email, but I have a lot of work email that has to be sifted through so an account seems to be the best option.

There are also evidently restrictions for using Google Voice from a web browser if you’re logged in with a Google Apps for Business account, which makes one of my coworker’s jobs harder as he now has to have two different browsers opened.

Nothing life threatening mind you, just an annoyance that it would be very nice to find a way to workaround.

Cache webp files

With the WordPress install I’ve got pretty much everything set except for leveraging browser caching for .webp files. As I don’t have access to the .htaccess, only plugins, and W3 Total Cache doesn’t seem to have the ability to view those as files, what does one do?

Fix hangouts

I got a text message at 9:16 today. I heard it come in on my computer. I opened hangouts and nothing was there. Refreshing multiple times, nothing was there. I never had any notifications it came in reported from the phone.

at 11:50 or so I looked at the phone, nothing registered in status bar. I opened hangouts again and bam, there was the text message.

After the update that removed the widget it started getting meh, and after the last Google Play Services update it just became unusable.

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