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Sprint celebrates LTE Plus Network with 50% off rates

Sprint is celebrating the launch of their LTE Plus Network with rates that claim to be about half the cost of other carriers but come at the cost of their unlimited data plan.

Data plan prices are indeed, if Sprint’s PR is to be believed, half the rates of other carriers. T-Mobile would like to respectfully disagree and does a little later on in this article.

The breakdown examples they gave are, and forgive this giant image, they posted a 3000+pixel monstrosity:

Sprint vs the world

You can see the entire press release here

John Legere of T-Mobile was quick to respond on Twitter claiming that Sprint’s no “gimmicks” assurance had a long list of gimmicks in the fine print, and decided to post a Sprint Countdown of what Sprint forgot to mention in its comparisons with T-Mobile.

I’ll bullet list them as I’m not coding 10 Twitter boxes due to workload and headache.

  • T-Mobile customers get unlimited video streaming with their plans, not on Sprint
  • They also get unlimited music streaming
  • T-Mobile customers can stash unused data for future months, not so with Sprint
  • Customers get tethering with TM, not so with Sprint’s 50% off
  • TM customers can use their phones in Mexico and Canada just like they do in the US, not on Sprint
  • T-Mobile has unlimited data and text in 140 countries
  • T-Mobile doesn’t have activation fees, Sprint charges $36 perline
  • T-Mobile has the fastest 4G LTE network, Sprint is the slowest
  • T-Mobile has 500+ LTE cities, not Sprint
  • T-Mobile customers have access to whatever plans they want, on Sprint you have to leave and come back to take advantage

He also mentioned that the pricing and comparison rates applied to nearly 0% of customers. It’s a pretty good read.


As a note, here’s the Sprint fine print (also a huge image – click to embiggen)

The fine Sprint

Anyway, it appears Sprint’s LTE Plus deal may be a little less of a bargain than they’re claiming, and that’s just with what I found in three minutes. Not that particularly great of a deal, but at least significantly more reasonably priced for America’s slowest major network.

Thank Bill for sending Sprint’s announcement in!

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