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Yet another update

2015-10-29 22.02.12We’ve been on the new server for three days now, and have been down a total of about a day due to issues. There was something wrong with the database, first attempt to fix it didn’t work, second attempt hopefully will.

Issue seems to stem from the forums, not WordPress. We’ll see.

Old images from articles not in 2015 seem to have failed to copy over, they’re getting to those shortly so hopefully my 6,000 broken images and links will start going down.

On the SEO front I’ve enabled webp, compressed the hell out of images, slapped in a mobile friendly website which you’re free to disable, but it’s pretty much useless when the site goes down for ten hours a day, so not expecting to see any hopeful signs for a week or so now.

On the list are

  • Find out why old images are dead (them)
  • Get contact link emailing me (me)
  • Secure the wonky database (them)
  • Fix the image slider (maybe me)
  • Somehow come up with 2-4 articles a day
  • Remove Viglink script so the site isn’t paying 50% commission to a third party
  • Somehow increase traffic
  • Reinspire self with something new in Android
  • Stop posting status updates as filler
  • Fix old links pointing to
  • Update some of the older articles that get a lot of traffic that have horribly outdated information
  • Run some contests
  • Pick a fight with a larger website because evidently that works out extremely well for the smaller site /sarcasm
  • Figure out how to make site money/pay authors
  • Wake up early enough to eat breakfast


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