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1byone 7.2A/36W Car Charger review

The 1byone 7.2A/36W Car Charger is a three port charger capable of delivering up to 2.4amps to each port so you can charge three tablets at full blast and never slow down.

1byone 7.2A/36W Car ChargerAs a reminder, we’ve got a contest running at the moment to win one of these bad boys. There’s also a discount code good until the 18th in that contest link.

The extremely high output may be overkill, I mean, it really is overkill unless you’re traveling with a couple of kids on iPads in the back seat and charging your cell phone. I can’t really think of any reason most people would want to … wait, it’s $8.99.. ($6 with discount code in link below,) hellz yeah son, get that thing.

As I mentioned in the contest link my time with this product was short. I expected it to come after my vehicle was in the shop, but it came on Saturday so I had a couple of days to play with it before the contest ended.1byone 7.2A/36W Car Charger

It charges at least two things at 2.4amps. I’m afraid I don’t have three things that will charge at that rate without needing Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 tech. As such I could only tell that two were charging full blast and my phone was chugging along at the fastest it will handle (which was about 1.8a).

The charger actually does have the distinction of fitting the best in my power sockets. I’m not sure that’s particularly a selling feature, but it’s something I noticed. It also feels pretty sturdy.

It has a slight glow to it while it’s plugged in, not my favorite feature in a charger, but it didn’t seem particularly distracting. Barely noticeable unless I was looking directly at it. Enough light to plug something in without being distracting. Just mentioning it.

1byone 7.2A/36W Car ChargerI know many of my reviews feel rushed, but this one actually was. I’m not particularly comfortable endorsing or not endorsing a product with this short of a time with it other than to say I am pretty confident you will not be disappointed and if you are and are in the Nashville area I will buy you a really cheap beer or give you a gadget.

I don’t think you can beat the price for the amps/quality. I’ll point out however I might be wrong.

I’ll also point out that 1byone has given us a lot of free stuff for contests so you really shouldn’t trust my reviews on them to be unbiased, although I am pretty sure they are.

I’ll also point out that a five star review here is extremely uncommon which is why I’m a bit more uncertain that I’ve spent enough time with the product to actually come to dislike it.

That said, the price is right, the product performs exceptionally in its price range, and it’s manufactured well. I think we reached the perfect standard 2.4amp 3-port charger, and it’s the right price.

The 1byone 7.2A/36W Car Charger is available for between $6.99 and $8.99 in many colors on Amazon. It ranks as one of the very few products I have I simply do not have a problem with. I swear on a stack of puppies that they haven’t bought me off with big charger money or product.

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