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Giveaway #3: five 1byone 7.2A/36W Car Chargers

1byone 7.2A/36W Car Charger, Triple 3 USB Port[Smart Port], Smart Sense IC Adapts to All Device Default Charger RateOK gang, we’ve got another giveaway this time in the form of one of five 1byone 7.2A/36W Car Chargers.

As a note, this is also not the giveaway I was intending to run now, but whatever.

The charger has three USB ports and will charge each port at up to 2.4amps. It also looks pretty slick. I’ll theoretically be getting one before the contest ends, but chances are good as I got hit by a car the other week my vehicle will not be in my possession (body shop). So who know about testing.


How you enter

One entry for saying I’m “entering,” or similar, two for a joke that makes me laugh, three for something amazing (beats me, we’ll know it if we see it.) You can enter every day, the only thing that I require is that you have an email address in your disqus profile that I can contact you at to send you an Amazon code.

Code will be supplied to me at the end of the contest, which will be probably Monday the 21st unless we end it early. At that point I’ll announce the winners, I’ll shoot you an email with the Amazon code, you’ll purchase it through Amazon (I will not have any info other than the email address). Life will be good.

Long disclaimer

Although we have run a couple of contests with them before and not had any trouble, should they back out or I forget to announce winners because I’m in a coma or something, you agree to not burn me in effigy.

Also you might have to use these codes on, I don’t know that they’ll ship out of country, we can ask them if anyone really wants me to.

Discount codes, product links

There’s a code that drops the price to $5.99 on Amazon, and that is 9UAFS5AL  – it doesn’t go into effect until tomorrow (Friday I’m assuming, but dealing with someone on the other side of the planet so perhaps Saturday).

You can see (or purchase,) the chargers here for $8.99 (or $5.99 whenever that code works)

They’re currently rocking a 4.6 star rating after 1200+ reviews

But wait… there is another

I think they’re doing a giveaway with several other sites tomorrow, so you might want to also consider entering elsewhere.

Good luck!

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