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Survive in-law invasions with Relax Melodies P

Relax Melodies PRelax Melodies is an app that contains just about every audio item you might need to drown out the world, or just make the room a more relaxing environment.

You’ve given a selection of about 96 different sounds and noises, along with six “isochronic tones”, and six Binaural Beats (which require headphones to appreciate) to set the mood however you want it.

With the main noises you can combine up to ten different samples to create a cacophony of audio perfection to drown out the father-in-law’s snoring half a house away, or at least compliment it so that it doesn’t stick out like an audio sore thumb.

There’re also some relaxing flute music you can put with gentle rain, or wind blowing through a cavern, to yogafy your environment.

When I found out that my newborn wakes up for any odd noise (which has included me coughing lo these last nine days,) I broke out Relax Melodies which I got as a free app of the day on Amazon way back when. A combo of the sounds of a stream and some urban rain playing on my HTC One M9 focus her attention to the white noise more than the hacking coming from me.

Relax Melodies comes in a free and pay version. I’m reviewing the pay version (or free from Amazon two years back.) It appears the difference is about 50 sounds are not included with the free version, but I can’t really comment on the features or lack thereof of the free version.

The app also includes the ability to set favorite combos, timers, and keep the audio playing even in the background. If you’re using this for relaxation you might want to enable priority mode on your phone though as text messages are loud and exceptionally grating.

The only bug I’ve noticed is on my Nexus 9 (John’s old Nexus) on the Marshmallow initial release it seemed to be limited to about four channels of audio. I’m guessing that Relax Melodies P is mixing audio using Android rather than in-app. I haven’t had a chance to check it on the current release, nor was it much of note. Just something I noticed.

Relax Melodies is free and supports up to 50 sounds or you can purchase Relax Melodies P for $2.99 if you find the thing suits your needs.

Download: Google Play

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