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Ventie Adjustable Air Vent Car Mount review

The Ventie Adjustable Air Vent Car Mount is a no-marks car mount for most cell phones that hooks into your car’s air vents and can be mounted and removed without leaving any evidence.

Ventie Adjustable Air Vent Car MountMost car mounts will leave a nice large circle where the suction cup was affixed, and some vehicles (such as rentals and spouse’s car,) you just don’t want to leave anything disturbed. The Ventie concept is pretty much ideal for this.

The Ventie mounts by sticking a “J” hook through the vent blades and then tightening up with a screw. The holder can be reoriented to hold the phone in portrait or landscape or whatever angle works best for you.

Unfortunately the concept and quality of the Ventie can be undermined by the quality and stability of the vehicle’s air vent blades, and that’s what I ended up experiencing. Every bump in the road jiggled it slightly more than a suction cup dash or window mounted phone mount.

I’ll point out it was slightly more. It was not unusable. It was just not as stable as other mounts. This isn’t horrible, just something I noticed. Given the hook design for mounting and relying on the stability of a vent blade, I’m not sure there’s a way around this.

I found when mounting the Ventie in my Honda Element it worked in the center console vents, but the side vents seemed to be made differently and there was no way to mount it. Also not a deal breaker, but if you’ve always dreamed of mounting a phone in the corner of your car for some reason, well, you might be out of luck.

Ventie Adjustable Air Vent Car MountVentie Adjustable Air Vent Car MountVentie Adjustable Air Vent Car MountVentie Adjustable Air Vent Car Mount

The phone grip is adjustable and will handle an iPhone or an HTC One M9’s weight fine, but I have the idea if you’ve got a brick of a phone with an extra battery and a Mr Fusion on the back of the phone the grip won’t be strong enough to handle it. I don’t know this for sure as I have no Mr Fusion to attach to a brick of a phone.

Ventie Adjustable Air Vent Car MountVentie Adjustable Air Vent Car MountVentie Adjustable Air Vent Car MountVentie Adjustable Air Vent Car Mount

Overall I think the idea is good, the product seems built well. It suffers mostly from the instability of the vent blades, which will vary from car to car, so your experience will vary.

Again, an explanation of Pocketables star review ratings: 1 – no, 2-meh, 3-good, 4-better, 5-after having played with the rest, this is in fact the best.

The Ventie Adjustable Air Vent Car Mount is available from Amazon for $19.99.

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