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Inateck 40W 5-Port USB charger review

The Inateck 40W 5-Port USB charger is one of the slightly more powerful standard USB chargers I’ve played with. It made an unexpected journey with me to CES this year and ended up powering my rapidly-depleting devices for the duration of the show.

Inateck 40W 5-Port USB chargerThese devices being a 15,500 mAh portable power brick, my HTC One M9, some headphones, and whatever smart gadget I brought to the hotel.

The maximum load on the Inateck 40W 5-Port USB charger comes in at 8 amps. This means it can power five ports at 1.6 amps per port, or peak at 2.4 amps per port if you’re not pulling a massive power load.

You could recharge two tablets at full speed, or five at ~66% of full speed.

As a note, until I can locate where my review unit ended up the only pictures I’m going to have of this thing are from Amazon. Basically it ended up in a bag of review units that I have to sort through at some point.

Unfortunately this device doesn’t ship with any of the newer Qualcomm Quick Charging chips, so those of us who long for those abilities will be saddened. You just don’t realize how fast QQC2.0 and higher are until you’ve gone back.

Anyhow, as a standard charger, this one is pretty good. It didn’t heat up in my tests, did what it needed to do, and was about as stylish as a black box with USB ports in it can be.

Coming in at $19.99 on Amazon it’s about the right price, and if you’re iDevice or unless you’ve been spoiled by QQC2 you probably won’t find it lacking.

Looking at the reviews on Amazon saddens me though as there are way too many 5-star reviews for a slightly above average product. Sigh…

The Inateck 40W 5-Port USB charger is available from Amazon for $19.99

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