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Trivia Crack Kingdoms, and I don’t care

Trivia Crack KingdomsTrivia Crack Kingdoms is the latest installment from the Trivia Crack franchise, and involves a multitude of interest-based groups that you can play in. It’s also free.

As a note, that headline is to be read to the tune of “Jimmy Crack Corn” just in case you’re wondering.

Rather than the traditional format of Trivia Crack where it’s all over the board in terms of what you might be asked, you can choose to play Star Wars trivia, Simpsons, or any of what appears to be several hundred groups created by users.

Gone are the first round limits imposed from the original. If you were a trivia wiz against a trivia wiz in the old Trivia Crack chances are the second player would win because the first player could only score three points in the first round.

The game should be extremely fun to those who liked Trivia Crack, except when you enter into something you’re passionate about, it’s not. I’ll point out the not fun part is fixable.

What’s not fun is that about one out of eight questions contains an error, and despite reporting these errors nothing has been done two months later. If you’re playing Star Wars in Trivia Crack Kingdoms questions such as the following exist and have been reported months ago:

  • Who Played Obi Wan in Star Wars Episode 1: A New Hope
  • How many Star Wars movies are there
  • What was Darth Vader before (podracer, warrior, Jedi, something else)
  • When did Episode IV come out in theaters
  • How many lightsabers were in the original trilogy

Trivia Crack KingdomsThese are just the ones I remember – the first you’ll have to figure out that they meant “The Phantom Menace” and not “A New Hope,” the second is there are six movies, the third is he was a Jedi even though he was also a podracer and a warrior, and the fourth claims that episode 4 came out in 1980. Fifth claims there were three (I count Anakin’s that was given to Luke, Ben’s, then the one that Luke built after he lost his hand and the light saber.) You could also look at the fifth and claim more as there were evidently 8.

There are also questions like where was Luke born (as I recall from episode 3 he was born on a space ship, given to Owen and Beru, then relocated to Tatooine.) Where do Ewoks live (forest moon of Endor, not Endor.)

While these don’t sound like particularly grievous offenses, the fact that there claim to be 1.1K questions and that I have memorized these egregious offenders should show you that there’s also some sort of randomization problem in picking the questions.

I had one round where it was a five question rapid fire and three of the questions were the same thing.

The effect of not policing the questions and not handling the ones that are reported makes the game feel like it’s completely abandoned by support. I caught two incorrect answers in the Simpsons and I can’t claim to be nearly as passionate about that.

The question reporting also will sometimes let you write out a reason the question is wrong, and sometimes it will not. I can’t figure out if there’s any rhyme or reason as to why the OK button is sometimes shaded and sometimes not. It’s not on questions I’ve previously reported.

There have to be at least 30 different variations on “what was Darth Vader’s original name.”

I really want to like this game. They’ve got the programming part done, but someone seriously needs to create some sort of community editing policy if they’re going to accept questions from people who don’t know the correct answers.

Programming-wise, very fun game. Material wise, needs run through a proof reader and a fact checker.

Download: Google Play, iTunes

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