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CES LogoI’m planning on heading off to CES barring plane issues, etc. Will be updating my personal Twitter feed with some CES related stuff this week, but doubt I will take time from seeing everything at CES to write up piece after piece as unlike the big blogs I don’t have 16 people to comb through sections and pound out content.

However, unlike the big blogs I generally see that there’re 500 of the same product all claiming the title of first and only product of its kind.

Seriously, my schedule is get in at 10:40 tonight, get up in the morning and get to Press Day, head over to Pepcom, sleep, wake up and hit main stage, Eureka Park, Showstoppers, sleep, etc.

Also am sick as a dog, so unless I make a miraculous recovery, 140 characters a few times a day is what I’m going to probably produce. So if you want to see pictures, read scathing reviews of the bathrooms, and otherwise experience CES 2016 through the eyes and tweets of an aging techie, follow @nopking or check back here.

It should update automatically

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