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Bad Boyz Marshmallow 6.0 ROM released

Bad Boyz ROMI don’t cover a lot of ROMs these days for reasons I’ve explained in detail other places, but the short was I had one that worked and the purpose of a phone ROM is to look like you want it to and run apps without getting in your way.

But the new version of the ROM that’s kept me somewhat stock is out in the form of the Bad Boyz Sprint HTC One M9 Android 6.0 ROM today and that’s what I’m headed to flash now.

If you’re planning on upgrading to it be aware you need to have the firmware updated. If you’re not S-OFF you might need to download and run the RUU to get the new firmware. Unfortunately running the RUU also will end up wiping your internal storage, so be aware of that.

Bad Boyz comes with a modified stock kernel which allows something something something oh yeah init.d support. It seems the ROM (if it’s following in the footsteps,) also removes some of the restrictions on what can and cannot access the external SD card. But I may be making that up at the moment because I just didn’t sleep at all last night.

The download comes in at about 1.5 gigs, which is about 75% the size of a fully-bloated Sprint Android 6 ROM. Some of this may be because it’s sans firmware, although those files only account for about a hundred meg of it, so who knows. Probably just debloated.

The official changelog on this thread lists the following:

-ItsOn Removed

-Advanced Power Menu

-Homescreen Menu

-Hacked Hotspot w/ native 4g tether

-LP Back Kill

-Multiuser support

-Ambient Display

-Battery %

-SystemUI Tuner *to activate, open QS, long press settings cog

-5×6 App Drawer

-Optional Prism tweaks
-Big BF pix

-Optional SystemUI tweaks
-DoubleTap to sleep in the status bar
-Right corner pulldown QS
-MIUI battery indicator
-Traffic indicator

-Optional Misc Tweaks
-Disable LP Back Kill
-Disable APM

-NFC, GPS, ADB , USB & power saver icons removed

-Disabled Signature check

-Disabled Boot Audio!

-Numerous performance tweaks

-Removed loggers & junk!

So if you’re looking for a ROM where the HTC Camera works (Imagesense chip is awesome,) and not too far removed from what you know, check it out.

I’ll be commenting on how it works later…

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