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Eliminate damage uncertainty with Record360

Record360 is an Android and Apple Record360 notesapplication that stores geotagged, timed video with annotations for inspecting property before you take or return possession. It’s also probably good for recording car damages in the event you’re sideswiped by an elk.

If you’ve ever rented a car, room, house, or horse and buggy only to get hit with a fee for damage you didn’t do but didn’t document on the rental contract, Record360 is for you.

Before taking possession you walk through/around what you’re going to take recording with the app, tap the screen any time you want a high resolution shot/notation point, edit your tapped comments, and upload the video to your account.

Video is stored after it’s uploaded with time/date/geolocation on an independent cloud based server and can be used to prove that six and a half inch scratch on the side was there when you picked the vehicle up or rented the horse.

If you’re recording a rental vehicle you can open up the driver’s side door and scan the barcode and you’ll have VIN, year, make, and model data stored in case you’re ever in a situation where there’re identical cars you can say “nope, I had VIN #x”

2016-02-04 16.34.43If you’re a landlord you can do a walkthrough before and after hurricane renter came, documenting the bizarre mystery of how they managed to get the footprint on the bathroom ceiling.

Record360 for individuals is free, businesses which might be making more use of it have to pay for certain features… I don’t know what these are as I’m not playing with a business version thereof, but if you’re wondering how they get their money storing high resolution videos and images, it’s probably through the business line.

Using the service does require you to sign up for an account, but as far as I can tell there’s been no contact or spam on the account I signed up with.

Overall if you’re wanting something more than just video and pointing saying “there’s a scratch, there’s a chip, there’s a whip mark,” Record360 probably has you covered.

Record360 notes screenI’ll note that you probably want to make a couple of dry runs before you use this trying to record your rental car. My first run I went and attempted recording the car I was renting while my Element was otherwise incapacitated and in the shop, nope. Couldn’t get it to scan a VIN because I was having mental flatulence and was expecting OCR (it just says scan VIN… I expected greatness!)

My guess is Record360 could also be pretty good for documenting the condition of a wreck or crime scene as it claims to have independently verified time and geolocation stamping, but who knows.

You can read more about what it can do here

Download: Google Play, App Store


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