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How to install the Xposed Framework on Android 6

roottoolsWhile Android 6.0 has been around a while for other devices we haven’t covered much in the Xposed Framework side for a while.

This is partially due to a gap we had there when Lollipop was first released for the HTC One series where there was no good working framework for the HTC side, and partially due to the fact that I hadn’t slept for a couple of months due to babies.

Well now Android Marshmallow and Sense is out for the HTC One Mx series (either via official or unofficial channels,) and with it a new better stock ROM and an itch to change up things that annoy you.

While many custom AOSP-style ROMs out there already have many Xposed-style features built in, if you’re sticking with stock for the camera you’ll want to slap Xposed on.

OK, your first task will be to have a rooted phone with a custom recovery (TWRP 3.0) installed… no rush, I’ll wait… *whistle*…not done yet? … ok… well, let’s move on for the people who are rooted with a custom recovery installed.

You’ll want to hit up the official Xposed for Lollipop/Marshmallow thread.

Download the Xposed Installer apk, and if you’re on an HTC One M9 grab the sdk23 (or higher) that ends in arm64. I’m actually unsure right now if the M8 was 32 or 64 bit but I think it was 32 (feel free to correct me).

Install the Installer APK, reboot the phone into recovery, make a nandroid backup of at least the system partition unless you’re really feeling frisky and want to risk a soft brick.

Flash the, reboot the phone, and prepare to think your phone is broken as you spend about 10 minutes staring at a screen that doesn’t change. Approximately 10 minutes later the phone should begin to boot, and if you’re like me you’ll get to sit through 274 items re-optimizing (which is about a 23 minute ordeal).

You should now have Xposed working and can set about correcting great wrongs with the use of tools such as Greenify or something else should be here but I’m completely drawing a blank today.

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