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HTC 10 release approaches

The Ten of black thingies
Detailed rendering of what the HTC 10 probably does not look like

The HTC 10 is coming out in approximately make up a number days here (evidently it’s the 12th they’re announcing the launch, and judging by my man Pancho in customs there’ll be no hold ups getting the phone here).

It should be noted I have no man Pancho in customs, and the 12th is the official announcement date in London and NY.

It’s got a fingerprint reader, more mAhs, extra pickles, and a host of things that really don’t mean too much until they’re in your hand, in use, and can make a phone call.

Rumors of wireless charging, better camera, and kittens vomiting rainbows of course are flying from the rumor sites, but it mostly looks like a beefed up One M9 with a fingerprint scanner from the renderings and the rumors I trust.

So, what’s your take on the thing? Going to plunk down to get the next HTC flagship product on day one? Have you abandoned HTC because they’ve just been making slightly better versions of the phone without ever putting back what people have been asking for (removable battery, kickstand, tastes like chocolate when you lick it)?

I’m a bleeding edge tech guy… or I was… I should want this phone, or I should want to leap to the LG for photos (kiddos, got to have photos,) and the Galaxy because, lord, you have no idea how much Galaxy merch I have to turn down (up until I started the user reviews thing. Speaking of which, first one goes live next week, long story).

Is there anything you’ve heard on the rumor mill, or confirmed that will sway you one way or the other for this phone?

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