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HTC Feb revenue down 54% over last year

HTC Quietly Dying - no, you can't use this image on your website without complete attribution to the author (Paul King,) and the website (pocketables) HTC’s February investors report is out and the report is currently showing that the year over year change in revenue indicates a 54.48% drop.

The perceived lack of innovation since the M7/M8 may be to blame, or it could be the newer release phones being notoriously flaming hot requiring software fixes after they’ve been released.

Personally I’ve been not particularly seeing any reason to stick with HTC after my M9 experiences (good phone, bad camera, way too many overheat problems,) and the unibody format which prevents battery swapping, wireless charging, easy modding, still irks me to no end.

This 54% monthly drop comes after their Q4 loss of $125 million, a $150 million Q3 loss, $156 million Q2 loss, and $11 million gain in Q1 (429 million loss last year if I did the math right).

Half a billion lost here, half a billion lost there, pretty soon you’re talking real money.

Looking at the products they’re coming out with we’ve got a copy (or something that looks like one,) of the VR setup that Samsung’s been working on, a phone that looks the same as my old EVO 4G LTE but without the kickstand, and nothing particularly eye popping in terms of wow factor.

This is a problem, for although HTC builds some absurdly solid phones (none of mine have died,) the wow is what’s justified the cost, and has managed to make people put up with the lack of software updated within windows HTC imposes on themselves in order to sell phones.

I really do hope HTC will pull out of this dive and come out with something amazing. Maybe the HTC 10 will be their redemption, but who knows.

[HTC Investors] via XDA


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