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Mimobot Boba Fett USB drive review

Mimobot Boba Fett USB driveI’m not the biggest Star Wars fan who ever wrote for Pocketables, no, that honor probably lays at the feet of former writer William who saw TFA around 15 times in the theaters (in case you’re wondering he quit the big stakes money game of Pocketables to go work for what I believe is a nonprofit called Microsoft).

But the fanboy in me was fired up by a Mimobot Boba Fett USB stick, which unlike Fett in the movies actually does something useful.

There’s not a whole lot to say about this other than that the review unit I have is 4gb (they go up to 64,) seems to have a max write speed of about 8MB p/s (appears it’s faster on the larger ones,) and it has a Mandalorian helmet to keep lint out of the USB port.

Also, in what I assume was an attempt to make it look like his jetpack is firing, an area down there lights up red. I didn’t get the jetpack feel, more the bonobo monkey mating dance.

So, incredibly cute gift for the Star Wars geek in your life. Han Shot first, everything George Lucas added to the special editions made them worse, Jar Jar was a Sith lord, an even though Blu-ray rips of it are now on every pirate site in the universe, grab The Force Awakens for legal viewing in a couple of weeks.

Mimobot Boba Fett USB driveMimobot Boba Fett USB driveMimobot Boba Fett USB driveMimobot Boba Fett USB drive

I don’t think the helmet provides water protection, but your average USB is going to handle a washing machine or Sarlacc pit for a few hours.

The 32GB also are USB-3 capable it look like, so larger the better.

You can get every size, other than the review size they sent me, on their website. Each Boba Fett contains some Star Wars extras and is generally a pretty neat gift.

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