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Remix OS for PC Beta released

Remix OS

Remix OS is a complete Android operating system that runs on PC (and some Mac) hardware and is a complete Android OS.

We’ve covered some emulators in the past that ran under OS-X or Windows, but this is an actual booting operating system which should mean you’re not at the mercy of slowing to a crawl whenever the host operating system decides to do something.

It should also mean it’s a whole lot faster than an emulator as emulators are generally dealing with so many levels of hardware abstraction that it’s noticeable.

Remix has been released (as of yesterday,) with a hard drive installer that will allow you to dual boot most OSes and then be presented with your computer as a complete Android device.

How well this will work, no idea. My guess is there will be some issues with some devices as I can’t imagine that Remix has managed to bundle in the entire driver support of Windows or OS-X at the moment, but I’m guessing that most setups will work.

I’ll be testing this out tomorrow assuming my toddler gets over the stomach funk and I can get to a powerhouse computer that I don’t mind the risk of bashing head against keyboard if their dual boot installer messes up.

In the meantime, the beta is now available for download as of yesterday and can be grabbed from the source link below. I’m interested in seeing what non heavily emulated performance of Android looks like on an x86 device.

Then again, they may have just built this on a Linux distro and emulated Android underneath that to create Remix OS and caused the same abstraction delays we were seeing on most Windows emulators before. Who knows.

If anyone tries it out, let me know how it goes. In the meantime I’m mostly in some sort of YouTube Kids and vomit nightmare today.

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