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Sprint teams with Amazon to charge you 33% more

Sprint teams with Amazon to charge you 33% moreIf you like Amazon Prime, and what’s not to like? You’re in for a treat. Sprint and Amazon have teamed up for those bad with budgeting purchases to charge you 33% more for Amazon Prime. No, this isn’t an April Fool’s article.

That’s right – straight from the Sprint Newsroom (and with a date of March 31st, today,) comes the plan that if you can’t budget a one time $99 payment for a year of Amazon Prime you can tack on a $10.99 a month to your Sprint bill in order to receive the same service at a cost of $131.88 per year, or $32.88 more than you would have paid in the first place.

As evidenced by their recent ad campaign in which they claimed they could slash the average T-Mobile bill by half (while actually increasing the bill,) it’s become pretty clear they’re not expecting new customers who can research, budget, or do simple research.

If customers can wait for a sale on Prime, chances are they can get it for under $70 as we’ve seen in the past. Or perhaps go in with friends on a joint option.

I mean if this was Sprint making a buck a month ($9.25) I’d probably be more in the mindset of “oh, they’re charging some overhead, making a little profit, yadda yadda yadda”. But this is aimed squarely at people who really can’t figure out they’re being taken for a ride, or can’t afford $99 to get Prime in the first place so charging them $131.88 for it just seems like kicking a horse when it’s reading.

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