Problem encountered giving wife a rooted phone

rootworldA while back I parted ways with my M8 after my wife’s cracked M7 got soaked and she’s been pretty happy with it, with the exception of Sprint’s service sucking on it.

Thinking back I probably should have RUUed it back to stock, but the situation called for some quick transferring and it was a Bad Boyz ROM that’s close enough to stock that it really wasn’t going to be a problem.

Well, until you add in a touch of a two year old who grabs the phone and wants to play “kitty” (also known as My Pal Angela).

We suspect sometime in December she must have grabbed the phone and done the deed. What entailed was that suddenly Kim only seemed to get calls from telemarketers. All her friends went to voicemail.

If she lost her phone in the house I could call it and it would go to voicemail. She could call me fine, she could get voicemail fine, I updated profile, prl, all the fun stuff.

So I spent some quality time with her phone and my sick 7 month old the other day (Hand foot and mouth disease.. nasty stuff) while Kim played with the almost threenager at a park, and went through every setting and the call logs.

There had only been calls inbound from unknown numbers. I started with looking at her blocked callers log. Two entries, both I remember her adding. Nothing there. Switched to CDMA/LTE only mode, no change in inbound calls.

Why were only telemarketers getting through? That’s what had me banging my head.

I called a pediatrician, who for reasons I’m still not sure why I can’t call from my phone… I have to press 3 and the 3 never sounds on their end. Oh the 3 makes the 3 noise all right, verified with work phone, but… nevermind, that’s a story for another time.

I dialed on her phone like I always do on mine and got a strange message that Verizon was unable to complete the call. Looked at the signal bar and sure enough it was roaming. Checked the signal bar and made the call (unsuccessfully, for I cannot press 3) on my phone fine.

Rebooted her phone, it came back up, still roaming. I checked signal strength – not horrible, nothing to be worried about. Still it was on roaming.

What had happened is sometime in December, my two year old’s passion for the kitty game lead her into the system settings menu, then to data/more, then to a mod that was installed that allowed the roaming only option. That or it spontaneously kicked on, which I doubt.

Invalid country codesMy wife’s phone had been on roaming only for months, the telemarketers getting through I’m assuming were on Verizon’s network. Verizon just not passing phone calls through.

Fortunately Verizon’s network is just about as bad as Sprint’s in my neighborhood so the prospect of hitting any sort of data limits or thresholds of notice were not going to happen.

Now I just have to figure out why I can’t press the numbers on my phone when I call the pediatrician, but they sound fine when I call my office phone. That and why I still can’t send a picture to my wife’s number without getting that I’m sending to an invalid country code.

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