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roottoolsSo truth be told, I’m going to spend the next few days in a bit of a haze as my brain adapts to a sleeping drug and my body rebels against getting a reasonable amount of sleep. All of this is happening at the same time that allergy season decided to hit and I’m now also going to be on antihistamines for (usually four days,) which make me stupid.

I’m the portrait of freakin’ health I tell you.

My biggest and most interesting thing I’ve managed to get done is to get a contest set up where the winners will get to review the product – yeah, that’s step one in the right direction… sometime next week though unless something changes.

The contact us link is broken, going to attempt to fix that today.

However, operating with my brain a squishy mess of benzodiazepine and antihistamines means really not much interests me, and also for some reason I have the superhuman ability to catch falling infants at daycare.

So, since the contact link is broken until I fix it, if you have any tips for things of interest, please post ’em here. Alternately, you have a product or story you want to promote and wrote it up? Email it and I’ll post it.

I cannot express exactly how flattened my head feels by drugs that supposedly will make me sleep. I also can’t express how weird it is to find notes you left yourself last night mentioning that you were up and doing things but didn’t think you would remember so suck it waking me.

Anyway, if you’ve got any tips for Android news or stories that interest you, I’d be interested to see what makes your collective Android/tech monkeys murmur.

Ooh, random side note – if you’re in Nashville and want to test iProduct, contact me.

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