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Darth Vader 5200mAh MimoPowerBot review

Darth Vader 5200mAh MimoPowerBot reviewThe force is strong with this one, coming in at 5200mAh the Darth Vader MimoPowerBot can fully charge most phones from dead to max two times, and some devices three.

The bot can charge at up to 2.1amps for your more power-hungry devices, however recharge rates top out at 1amp so if you’ve drained it in two hours charging a tablet you’ll be waiting about five or six hours for the thing to recharge.

The Darth Vader MimoPowerBot comes with a USB recharging cable that will let you recharge either the dark side (Apple,) or light side (Android,) power users. Just pop off the adapter to change alliances.

It’s a pretty cute charger if you’re a Star Wars fan but it has a fairly frat-level humorous aspect of you charge and recharge the device out of its Sith-lord buttocks.

They could have moved that charge port to the side, up an inch or so, anything other than charging directly from the Dark Side, but they didn’t. You’ll always charge from the Dark Side.

Darth Vader 5200mAh MimoPowerBot reviewDarth Vader 5200mAh MimoPowerBot reviewDarth Vader 5200mAh MimoPowerBot reviewDarth Vader 5200mAh MimoPowerBot review

Darth Vader 5200mAh MimoPowerBot review
Charge port placement…

There also don’t appear to be any light-side force users, so the balance of the force is a tad off here. There is an R2 unit, but that’s it for the light site.

On a side note, ever think that anyone that looked at the prophesy of the one who would bring balance to the force was absurdly bad at math? Oh look, we’ve got 26,000 light side force users and there’re usually two dark side Sith in operation at any one time. Let’s balance that out?

Anyway, cute charger, comes with a bag and a cable that works for Android or Apple, feet light up to indicate status, will charge over 500 times, and is generally a pretty cool little licensed toy.

Available from Mimoco, and it appears if you sit on that page for a while and walk away a 10% off coupon will appear (or perhaps it just appears randomly).

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