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Google GPS navigation seems like you’re going nowhere?

Google Maps stuckI’m once again probably late to the party on this, but the past two times I’ve used Google Navigation I noticed that it started out perfectly fine and then no matter where I drove it was convinced I was still in the same place I started from.

Being as I usually was in the car and driving, my troubleshooting abilities were somewhat minimized until today, when someone turned my 17 minute morning commute into an hour and 12 minutes and I was able to reproduce it.

Safely… seriously… I was not moving. But my GPS had me not moving about half a mile back. (I GPSed it to see what route times were because I was stuck in traffic).

This all started relatively recently when I installed a patch that allowed me to use Android Pay on a rooted phone. Android Pay required me to set a lock code. I set up a couple of forms of unlocking, one of them being my voice.

So, knock knock, ok google, navigate to work would pop up, return my current location, and then never update.

But knock knock, swipe to unlock, ok google, navigate to work works fine.

In short, if you seem to be going nowhere try unlocking your phone in a different manner and then launch the OK Google/Navigation from there. Seems to work for me.

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