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Phone manufacturer denies 50 Cent involvement

50 Cent SIAM cell phone scandalI usually don’t pass along press releases, but they also don’t usually involve a company denying ties with 50 Cent and a British YouTube entertainment report claiming leaked information that 50 Cent is set to be the next billionaire due to his investment in this phone, some Engrish, and a video that seems to indicate two SIMs – one for your “on the side ladies”.

My guess is all of this is a manufactured viral marketing campaign for the Siam dual screen/dual SIM smartphone, which hey, it got me to look. Now I force it on you. Also the phone looks kind of neat.

You can see the article claiming Fitty is poised to be the next rap billionaire here at Baller Alert. What, you don’t read Baller Alert? What’s wrong with you. Where do you get your baller news?

I’m also not seeing a video with hundreds of thousands of views that they’re mentioning, just a video with about a thousand, but maybe I’m not searching enough.

below is the press release I received from a person claiming to be Darius Allen of CRBT  (which evidently I’m getting because, and I quote the bottom of the message: “You are receiving this email because you entered are attending CES”,) regarding that there’s no involvement:

“50 Cent is NOT An Investor in Siam Smartphone”

DALLAS, Texas-April 8, 2016-A recent video which went viral on the Internet receiving hundreds of thousands of likes and comments, claimed that 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) was the “next hip-hop billionaire” and that one of the signs was his direct involvement in the new, dual-screen, dual-SIM smartphone sweeping the nation, the Siam 7X smartphone.

“Like most, we saw this video and were intrigued by it,” said Darius R. Allen, CEO & Founder of Siam Smartphone, “however, we only work with Mr. Jackson/50 Cent to the extent that we bundle-in his earbuds with our smartphones sales. We would welcome a stronger, closer working partnership with 50 Cent and not just SMS Audio his headphone/earbud company,” Allen stated.

“50 Cent has no invested any money into Siam Smartphone and we’re very proud of the fact that I built this phone and company essentially alone by using effective outsourcing and retain 100% of Siam’s equity,” Allen observed.

The Siam 7X smartphone is the resulting product of Darius Allen’s three and a half year journey to make his own smartphone and contains several new innovations:

**The Siam 7X is the first true, dual screen smartphone in America.
**The Siam 7X has two SIM card slots for two phone numbers on the same phone (personal and business) and one of the SIM slots can also be used to expand memory with an SD card.
**The Siam 7X has an innovative security unlocking program which uses our unique ear configurations to unlock the phone, as opposed to entering numbers of swiping your fingerprint.
**The Siam 7X has an infrared eye that can control most IoT devices such as TVs, stereos, air conditioners and other devise in the home or office. It’s a remote control too.

The Siam 7X smartphone can be bought on the Siam website (, independent phone stores and wireless carriers.  Soon, they will be available through your Big Four carrier and smaller networks serving urban communities.

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