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What can we do with Tasker?

You are reading this post because you are not a programmer, and you would like to do something, that cannot be achieved with the existing apps, or you just really fancy an automated home from TV show Eureka or Jarvis from Iron Man franchise. Although AI is still beyond our reach (for better or worse) the tech of 21 century allows a creative person to achieve a high degree of everyday automation.

This is where the Tasker comes to play. It allows you to create your own profiles, actions, and behaviors allowing to interact with you, your surroundings, internet and internet of things (IoT).

Imagine that you’ve left the work, your phone is texting your loved ones with information about your estimated  arrival. Displays a traffic information, and the list of items to buy generated by your partner while you have been working. It opens the garage doors as soon as you hit your driveway. All this while making sure that your thermostat is set to your preferred setting. You are welcomed to a warm room, music from your playlist and lights on so you wouldn’t harm yourself over slipper you left in the morning. This is all doable without you even touching your phone however,  you cleaning up  slippers is not something Tasker can help you with.

Why Tasker then isn’t the next ‘hip’ thing? The learning curve is very steep. You are in the right place to get your head around the basics. If you never used Tasker before – please have a look on the complete guide to Tasker for beginners. If you have some experience already – feel free to jump from topic to topic.

Beginners Guide to Tasker 2016 ed.

All videos are made using the latest Tasker and Android 6.0 Marshmallow on a Nexus 6P. These should introduce you to the new Tasker interface, show you how Tasker works and how to use contexts, tasks, and actions in your projects. At the same time, you will be able to create few very useful profiles.

  1. Part 1: Your first profile
  2. Part 2: Projects, profiles, tasks, scenes and variables explained
  3. Part 3: Home profile
  4. Part 4: Sleep/night profile
  5. Part 5: Voice notifications in multiple languages


Tasker Archives

Here you will find all previously written articles about Tasker. Please bear in mind a lot of information may be outdated, as the articles refer to older versions of the Tasker and Android.

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