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Choetech Q3-4U2Q 50W 6-port dual Quick Charge 3.0 review

Q3-4U2QChoetech’s reps sent me a review request on their new 50W 6-port desktop USB charger, which I’ve started moving away from but this one caught my eye as it features the ability to charge two Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 devices simultaneously as well as regular charging four other devices at up to 2.4 amps per port.

Not having two Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 devices I plugged in one QQC3, one QQC2, an iPad 2 at 10% battery, an Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet at somewhere around 40%, and a half dead charge battery I have.

At 50 watts and 5V that comes out to be a total of 10 amps shared across six ports, or assuming everything was completely dead that you’re charging and pulling the maximum amps about 1.6amps you could count on per port.


Q3-4U2Q charge profile
Charge profile while pulling a huge chunk of data (11.6 gigs) down to the phone and charging several other devices.

Alternately it can power the two QQC3.0 ports at full blast and trickle charge the rest. So not perfect for charging six dead devices at once, but it will get your QQC3 phones topped off in no time and get the rest up and running as power is available.

In case you’re wondering, a full throttle QQC3.0 device can gulp down about 23.74 watts during top pull phases of charging. Two of those monsters will use up the 50 watts leaving just a little left over. Fortunately you’re not going to be using top wattage constantly, so for normal use (and even my use,) this doesn’t present too much of a drain problem.

One thing I did notice is that if you’re maxing out the capacity of the thing, it does warm up a bit, but not terribly much so. I think if it’s in the stand most of the heat dissipates just from not being on the ground.

For most use cases, this is a perfect charger, however if you’re needing to charge all ports at full blast all the time this will not be the charger you need.

It can handle all of what the vast majority of users can throw at it. Pick one up when they’re available, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed..

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