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HTC 10 day 6 – new cables, new issues rooting

TB disconnectI picked up a five pack of Aukey USB-C cables for use with the new HTC 10. I realized I’ve been with Android devices through four cable changes now and when I mentioned that to my wife she said that’s why Apple is winning the connector markets.

I informed her that I had also been with Apple through four cable changes (my firewire iPod, 30-pin iPad, Lightning and USB-C work stuff,) so that wasn’t a particularly valid argument.

Found with Windows 10 doing the unlock the cut and paste unlocktoken had changed. Whereas with Windows 7 I was able to cut out a block of text in the command window, Windows 10 wanted to cut out line after line which meant I had 15 or so lines of text with the words (bootloader) and a space that had to be removed. Not a biggie, I opened Notepad and did a replace (bootloader)space with nothing and carried on.

The computer I was on didn’t have the fastboot drivers installed, although ADB mysteriously worked with no problem, so I installed HTC Sync Manager and cleared that up.

I tried to S-OFF after getting to a stock rooted base, had my first failure with that, will try again tonight. There’s a new version of SuperSU you’re going to need, it’s not the one you’re used to getting. And that’s where I made my mistake last night.

ROMs take an absurd amount of time to rebuild the caches these days. I got to see that last night as I rebuilt and rebuilt. What should have been a 30 minute job ended up taking about two and a half hours, most of that spent watching it optimizing app x of 200+.

Google Backup is still pretty much useless. Restoring doesn’t restore anything I need (as in I get to once again add my work email, change my keyboard, add facebook accounts, enable this, check that, yadda yadda yadda) so I’m going back to assuming the thing is useless.

I’m noticing some IO issues with the HTC 10. I can crash it by writing to a couple hundred blocks at once to the internal storage, and I keep getting that the SD card was unmounted or that there’s no free space available on the external storage. I’ve managed to system reboot three times. I’m suspecting kernel issues which means there might be a big juicy root exploit coming, but who knows.

A rooted HTC 10 without the spam that’s preloaded with runs slightly faster, but not enough at the moment to warrant the time involved to root the thing. I mean seriously, we’re talking time commitment until ROM developers start shipping the caches or Google starts doing on the fly cache updates.

So far on the root front I feel more noobish than I have in a while, everything is taking so much longer than I am used to, and I’m doing it while sick as a dog so there’s an extra level of effort involved.

Save Mirrored Selfies

Even on the rooted devices there’s some bug with the camera that prevents me from unchecking “save mirrored selfie” – I know I had this problem before on stock and it disappeared, but it’s weird.

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