No one wants new Android releases?

In a piece probably designed to get people talking about ZDNet, an author over there writes that due to Android Marshmallow only reaching 7.5 percent of market share so far that obviously that means that nobody wants updated Android products from Google.

Android distribution as of Feb 2016

I’m actually at a little loss for what the author was going for here other than “Give up, my Monday never ends.” Most of the updates add some functionality and fix critical flaws and are widely wanted by users, but ignored by the manufacturers and carriers in favor of smaller patches (if even that.)

Lack of being able to get water doesn’t mean I don’t want water, I’m just stuck in a desert when I was promised a lake. I really don’t think anyone gets an Android phone and then sits there thinking “you know what? I don’t want this to change one damn bit,” and if they are, then that’s a huge success story for Android.

He wraps up that obviously people are interested in the new iOS because it’s more adopted, in this case because it’s pretty much forced on people and given as an option ever few months. If it rains, you’re going to get wet.

Carriers and manufacturers love to fight updates because they cost money to integrate with their badly designed carrier and manufacturer apps, which is why they don’t produce them unless they have to. I very much doubt someone given the option would not want to get an OS that was optimized (project butter comes to mind,) up to date on bugfixes, and could support newer hardware.

Thing is most of them aren’t given that option.

Eh, what do you think?

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