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Two things I’ve been up to on the Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7Surprisingly Paul King has a Samsung Galaxy S7. That Paul King is not me. It’s my dad, and I got to play with it for a bit in an attempt to clear some XFinity app garbage out of his hair. I then got asked to write a few responses about what I’d do if I had one.

TL;DR – link to an interview of several bloggers (myself included,) at the end involving what you would do first on a phone.

First impressions were it’s a fun fast phone, Samsung Touchwiz wants to hurt me (mostly as revenge for the thousands of Galaxy Tabs I rooted in the hospital project,) and I’ve been on HTC Sense and pure Android devices too long to handle change quickly. Mostly I couldn’t locate the app notification settings where I wanted it to be.

At around the same time I got an email asking me as a blogger to comment on the S7 as if I were just handed one. This really was an interesting coincidence, and not at all a made up story to masquerade my attempts to enter myself into a contest by pointing you to the following link in which several bloggers are commenting on what they would do given an S7.

No really, it’s a coincidence. It just sounds made up. I can lie better than this.

Supposedly one of us does have a chance to win an S7 which is not mentioned on that page, which I believe is why we all did the survey in the first place.

Anyway, should you be interested to see what a bunch of bloggers claim they would do given one of these, and me being one of the bloggers, drop by the link below. The questions didn’t allow for answers such as “sell it, buy baby food, pay down mortgage,” so it’s lacking a bit of life.

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