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Getting your MSL on the HTC 10 (root, pc, patience)

Basic Flasher getting MSL on HTC 10Here’s one of those times I’m glad I was wrong, there indeed is a way to get your MSL on an HTC 10 if you’re rooted, have a PC, and have adb working.


  • PC or emulator
  • ADB working
  • HTC drivers installed
  • USB connection

This thread on XDA was pointed out to me again today after I had it fail many times on my HTC 10. It’s for the HTC One M9 and threw me some guff on the HTC 10, but it works. Eventually.

My method was slightly different and I’m not entirely sure what was required but I’ll tell you the steps I did, you’ll need to refer to the thread to understand what was happening. Maybe you won’t have the weird issues I had (may be ROM related)

Downloaded Basic Flasher and extracted it to a folder. There’s a password contained in a file called pass. I’m not sure why there’s a password. I have not done much research on this. Enter that password and go on with your life.

Dialed ##3424# on the phone. This popped up a request that I enter the MSL. The instructions on the thread say from a computer to either do

adb shell
echo 1 > /sys/devices/virtual/android_usb/android0/f_diag/on


echo 1 > /sys/devices/virtual/android_usb/android0/f_diag/func_en
HTC 10 MSL error getting screen embiggening
While it’s cut off, this is the basic error screen I’d get

In either case I received an error and was unable to get into the menu to turn DM mode on. Reentering the command didn’t really do anything. I poked around for a bit and finally remounted /system as RW thinking perhaps a systemless root might be to blame and it worked.

DM mode on HTC One M9 of HTC 10 (I did both)No, I hold no illusion the mount -0 remount rw,remount,rw /system did anything. I think something just worked after the fact. As in a minute or two later. The next time I entered ##3424# I was able to get in and turn on DM mode with no problem and no requests to enter a password. Heard the phone remount on the computer. Time for Basic Flasher.

Open Basic Flasher, enter password, get a Microsoft dotNet error, choose continue or ignore, chose method HTC, clicked scan, it found a port. Chose connect, read SPC, and bam. That’s the MSL (or SPC). Scribbled that down on a note, turned off DM mode on the phone, done.

Using that code can get in and change things via ##data# now. I have my MSL. Tried it on both my One M9 and the HTC 10 and both had the error messages, both required passwords, and then a minute or two later both didn’t. May just be my ROM though, who knows.

Anyway, once again thanks to Kisakuku for pointing me back to the thing, xda user be free for the thread. I’m guessing you just have to wait a min to get into that DM mode menu, but if you happen to know it would save me some head scratching.

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